Existential Psychotherapy & Trauma Counselling

The fundamental healing we long for and that is our birthright is with the opening of the heart.

An existential approach to personal healing means that we will address everything about you. Your past history, your environment and any traumas. We will also address matters of the heart (your love) to facilitate the deep, fundamental healing that we all crave and that is our birthright.

Although John is trained in conventional therapies such as Acceptance Commitment Therapy, Somatic Experiencing, Trauma Therapy, Cognitive Behaviour Therapy, EMDR etc, while using these therapies, the existential approach leads us more towards the acceptance of ourselves with love and compassion.

John’s extensive experience as a Path of Love leader, his familiarity with the teachings of Osho, and 25 years of experiential study with the Ridhwan School founders make him uniquely qualified as a counsellor for individuals and couples.

How can we help?

    Trauma and Relationship Counselling for Individuals and Couples

    Connect with your heart and live a full life

    Living a full life means a total self acceptance including passion, meaning, pain, pleasure, joy and love.

    The first place of disconnection happens in us, and it happens because of the build-up of the painful conditioning. In not being able to face our pain, we sever the source of it. When we severe ties with that region of our organism, we sever ties with ourselves.

    True relaxation eludes us because of the pervasive and painful effects of conditioning that reach all the way back to our formative years and, perhaps, even before that, in the womb. As the pain permeates our entire being, it disrupts our ability to form meaningful relationships.

    Reconnecting entails taking an honest assessment of our identity, behavioural patterns, internal and external influences. Bringing understanding to the most isolated parts of ourselves opens us to the freedom to choose. Through inner inquiry and connection, we experience a re-emergence of deep self acceptance and love for ourselves.

    Become a more connected human being

    Create the relationship you want by becoming more conscious in the truth of who you are in love.

    Each of us is bound by the limitations imposed by the relationship and attachment styles we’ve developed. Left unexplored, these coping strategies continue to surface in our relationships, especially those with significant others, where we can’t hide as easily. Our ability to be fully present, to open up to new relationships, and togive our existing bonds the care and attention they deserve may suffer as a result of these coping mechanisms.

    As an example, we might avoid intimate relationships in order to protect ourselves from the pain of separation. If we can be with the pain, especially with some support, then we find the heart will open, we return to the place of being open, where vulnerability rather than toughness becomes our reality. This is the original truth of our being as experienced by the child. This frees us from the conditioning-induced self-hatred and instead opens us up to love.

    John can shed light on the reasons you may be avoiding the very things you seek, such as closeness, openness of heart, spontaneity, playfulness, and joy, all of which are contained within healthy personal boundaries.

    Trauma & Life Counselling

    Our counselling sessions can help you

    • Heal from the effects of emotional abuse and trauma.
    • Deepen your relationships with yourself and those around you.
    • Live a life that is more meaningful and genuine.
    • Let go of the past and welcome the present.
    • Learn to love yourself and others unconditionally and tap into that love.
    • Acquire more self-awareness, compassion, and intimacy skills.
    • Put aside your sorrows and rediscover your fortitude and inspiration.
    Our Modalities
    • 1Trauma-informed intervention
    • 2Counselling / Psychotherapy
    • 3Somatic Therapies
    • 4EMDR
    • 5Cognitive Behavioural Therapy
    • 6Meditation