Trauma & PTSD
Depression & anxiety

Trauma Psychotherapist Byron Bay

  • Do you feel a disconnect from your loved ones or your community?
  • Are you having problems with addictions or compulsive behaviours?
  • Are you going through the motions and feeling you are missing something?
  • Are you plagued with feelings of guilt or unworthiness?

John Dass is a skilled psychotherapist located in Byron Bay, New South Wales, Australia.

Specialising in addictions and trauma, John uses mindfulness techniques in his holistic approach to therapy to help clients overcome the underlying trauma linked with addictions, ptsd, depression, anxiety, and a variety of other mental health conditions.

Helping people towards more connection is at the heart of John’s psychotherapy practice. “The first place of disconnection happens in us, and it happens because of the build-up of the psychology” says John.

“In not being able to face the pain, we cut it off. And in that cutting from that part of our cells, we disconnect from ourselves. When we disconnect from ourselves, it is impossible to really relax. And that disconnection is projected out into all aspects of our life, making connection with people difficult.

Learning to accept ourselves is looking at ourselves, seeing it, seeing who I am, this is how I operate, and these are the things that affected me. Bring a sense of connection, I’m okay. I’m okay like this. I’m okay like that. It doesn’t matter that much. I can relax and then the connections become much more possible. In fact, almost immediate with other people an allowance of how other people are.

Because when we hold ourselves in a very tight box, then we’re bound to also hold everybody else in that very similar tight box. So the way that I work, when we let that box loose, we can be a bit more free, we have more flexibility, we’re just more relaxed, and then we’re more relaxed than everyone else and everybody else is more relaxed with us when we’re relaxed. So it’s pretty simple, really.”

John has a wealth of expertise and experience in the areas of self-enquiry, mindfulness and meditation. He is a highly experienced and skilled practitioner who believes trauma is at the core of all mental health conditions and this trauma can be healed.

His services include counselling for relationships, couples, and individuals. John is currently residing in the Byron Shire. In-person and online sessions are available, and John can come to you if your travel or movements are restricted.