About Samved

Samved Dass has worked in the world of psychotherapy and meditation for more than 35 years. His passion for inner enquiry led him to India and to Osho’s transformational therapies. There he trained extensively with many aspects of therapy including bioenergetics, encounter, rebirthing, primal therapy and counselling.

Samved has trained and worked with the Path of Love for 25 years and continues to be inspired by the depth of insight and transformation provided by the Process. He pursues his own enquiry and ongoing training in ego psychology with Diamond Essence.

Samved is one of the founders of The Bay Retreat, a single client rehab facility located in Byron Bay. Since 2008 ‘The Bay’ has provided individual and very private retreats in a discreet and exclusive one-to-one setting to allow clients to take advantage of the very best treatments available while maintaining an extremely private and even anonymous profile.

Samved works as a Psychotherapist and is available for private sessions for couples and individual therapy.